Dermaplaning Training Course

Dermaplaning is a gentle, non-invasive form of manual exfoliation of the skin in which a tool is used to gently exfoliate the outermost layers of the epidermis to remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair commonly known as “peach fuzz”. This encourages the skin to regenerate new skin cells, leaving the complexion smooth, soft and vibrant. A noticeable improvement is immediate with smoother texture and fresh skin appearance. Even products penetrate the skin better following Dermaplaning.

Clients report that their skin feels smooth, clean and fresh, and the results are immediate with no down time.

Although it has been a popular service in America for some time, it has seen a recent surge in popularity in the UK.

There are numerous benefits of Dermaplaning that clients will love.

  • Dermaplaning can help remove that fine vellus hair (often referred to as “peach fuzz”) from the face
  • Dermaplaning gives a deep but gentle exfoliation which leaves the complexion looking brighter and more radiant.
  • Dermaplaning creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly.


Dermaplaning is a firm favourite in the entertainment industry, specifically among models and actresses as it eliminates that annoying peach fuzz that cakes up in makeup and can be enhanced by harsh production lighting and high-definition cameras.

As with other exfoliation methods, dermaplaning allows for better penetration of active ingredients contained in products into the skin.

It can also have a positive effect on the appearance of scars, in particular acne scars, pigmentation and fine lines if the client undertakes a course of treatments.

Dermaplaning is safe and effective for all skin types and colours and provides an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion. It is a good choice for anyone who has fine facial hair, extremely sensitive skin, redness or rosacea, or visible facial veins.

Dermaplaning may also be used in conjunction with other aesthetic services, for instance a peel done immediately after dermaplaning is an excellent way to make sure that the peel penetrates deeper and more evenly.

Although merely an old wives’ tale, many patients are often concerned that the hair will grow back heavier and darker after dermaplaning. This is not the case. As long as the hair is superficial vellus hair, it will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment. 


Skincare background: Half day course 9.30-1.30pm

Complete beginner: Full day course from 9.30-5pm


£375 Includes Kit

Fully accredited & insured

£500 Includes kit

Fully accredited and insured


Skincare/facial qualification

No experience needed. 


Chittering, Cambridge

CB25 9PW

In-house salon training is also available for both courses

What the Course Covers

If you are on the Dermaplaning course that is suitable for students with an existing background, we will cover the following; *What is Dermaplaning? *What results clients can expect? *Benefits of Dermaplaning *Insurance Information *Setting-up for Treatment *Treatment Procedure *Contraindications *Consultations *Hygiene *Health & Safety *Data Protection *Relevant A&P. In addition to this, If you are on the course that is suited for beginners, you will also learn the above plus the following; *Skin Types *Skin Analysis *Skin Diseases 


For those who have no facial background. You will complete our online A&P test ahead of the course. If you have a facial qualification, you will be asked to provide a copy of your certificate.

What qualifications will you get?

When you have successfully completed your training course(s), you will receive a diploma certificate issued by The Ultimate Academy. This not only demonstrates your commitment to the training, but also allows you to obtain Public Liability Insurance so you can start offering treatments to paying clients from home and/or mobile.

Insurance details

You will be qualified by Beauty Industry Approval and will be able to get insurance by Balens, amongst many others. You will also receive ongoing support from all our training from a face book student group to help you on your journey

How to book your course

A non-refundable deposit of £100 for the 1/2 day course and £150 for the full day course, is required to secure your place on the course, with the balance due 14 days prior to the day of the course. 


Payment plans can also be discussed to help spread the cost of your course. Please note* As this course requires case studies, you will only receive your qualification and manual once the course has been paid in full.

Please email us at and register your interest with us for your course. Dates can be flexible, so we can work together to find something that suits you.


Courses are non-refundable. However, if you give 7 days notice you may be able to attend an alternative date but this will be up to our discretion as to whether you can attend another date. If we need to change the date of your course we will give you 7 days notice but if it is due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances we will put you on the next available course