Henna Brows is a new and must have treatment, it’s a more natural alternative to regular brow tint, with no chemicals or peroxide.

Giving a longer lasting colouring to the skin and hairs, looking more like a tattoo effect brow.

The Henna coats the hair for up to 8 weeks the whole brow hair life and the skin stain giving a powdered finish lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 days, depending on the individual.

Henna brow treatment consists of full brow mapping, making sure your brows are equal in size and suited to you, and the application of Henna onto the brows is done in layers and to finish the treatment off a full brow tidy with a brow wax is done to give a polished finish to the brows. *Patch test required a minimum of 24 hours before treatment.

Please read our FAQ's page on Henna.

Henna Brows Top Up | 30mins | £20

Colour Only - For Henna Brow clients, in-between full henna brow treatments

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Henna Brows are suitable for almost everyone

Needs help filling in those sparser areas

Considering SPMU but would like to see what they could look, with a more temporary look

Likes the BOLDER look